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Sophie's Progress

Many animals unfortunately deal with bladder incontinence. Most of the time these are older animals, commonly due to arthritis and subluxation (an improperly moving joint). When an animal, or human, has arthritis the joints in the body do not move well. One reason this happens is because the disc space in the joint has become decreased, which then creates more inflammation in the surrounding areas, irritating the nerves. When the nerves are unable to send and receive a smooth flow of signals to and from the brain, problems start to occur such as the brain and body unable to control the flow of urine. With chiropractic adjustments performed by a Certified Animal Chiropractor, such as Dr. Kelly with Leading Animal Chiropractic, movement is forced into the subluxated joint with low force and high intensity. This opens the joint space and decreases pressure around the nerve allowing for signals to flow to and from the brain properly! Sophie the cat has been dealing with incontinence for about two years. If it takes time to have a problem, it will take time to heal the problem. However, with a few adjustments she has made so much progress! Sophie had a hard time jumping up, raising her tail, had no fur on the inside of her left leg and had severe bladder incontinence, so bad to where she had to be bathed twice a day. She now is starting to jump up on the bale greeting Dr. Kelly when it is time for her adjustment, she is starting to raise her tail, fur is growing on the inside of her left leg and her severe bladder incontinence has become minimal! Great progress! While it might take time to get Sophie to her optimal level of health any progress is fantastic!

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