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"I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Kelly at Le Bon’s Chiropractic Health Center in The Woodlands TX in late summer 2015 . Dr. Kelly is an extraordinary Chiropractor, employing the Activator Method, and excels with a soft approach and personal energy that emanates through her sparkling blue eyes that clearly reflect her soul!"

"She mentioned on my first meeting her that she is also an Animal Chiropractor and that she made house calls. COPPER is our beautiful 14-year old mini Dachschund who’s brought us lots of love, happiness and many health issues."

"Through Dr. Kelly’s adjustments and care, COPPER has been able to resume normal walking and activities, free of drug medications, and has become much more confident with his surroundings considering that he went blind about 4 years ago …. He’s a much happier trooper now and looks so much younger than his actual age! The effect of her spinal adjustments on COPPER are amazing and to watch him respond to them is truly remarkable. It’s easy to tell that he feels the relief after each session and that makes his life, and ours, so much easier."

"Our son has a Black Lab, MAX, who tore up his ACL a few years and had extensive surgery to repair. He has also responded very very well to Dr. Kelly’s adjustments."

"It tells you a lot that both dogs are always excited to see her and never resist her adjustment procedures ... they always wag their tails happily after she’s done!"

"Dr. Kelly is an exceptional chiropractor/caretaker for both humans and animals and I would highly recommend her loving care for both physical and mental well-being!!!"

"At 11 years old, my yellow lab Boagie was definitely starting to show his age, especially in his rear end. He had been very stiff and would often hobble around the house after playing fetch and upon waking up each morning.  Immediately after an adjustment by Dr. Kelly it was obvious Boagie was feeling better and was less stiff.  His tail started wagging and he rubbed himself up and down his favorite scratching post, my couch. The benefit lasted for weeks."

"I have used Dr. Kelly for both my horses and my dog and cannot say enough about her great skills, profound knowledge, and professional demeanor. I have a 12-year-old mare and a 10-year-old gelding that started doing cross-country jumping about a year ago and they had become pretty stiff in their necks and hips. After an appointment with Dr. Kelly their range of motion returned and you could tell by their attitude they were feeling much better. Dr. Kelly also adjusted my 2-year-old Golden Retriever who was born with bad hips. In her gait, she would occasionally appear to hop or skip with her rear legs as she walked around the house and when she ran outside. Dr. Kelly determined that her sacrum was out of place and easily readjusted it. Now my dog’s gait is more normal and she can run without the twinges of pain that she lived with before!"

"Brooke is a wonderful chiropractor. She conducts herself in a professional manner. She shows up on time and she is extremely knowledgeable in her field and explains everything while she works on my animals. She is a very caring person. She is understanding of animals and their needs. She shares her knowledge and experiences and helps develop maintenance plans for me and my horses to extend their well being until our next visit."

"I've been in the horse business for 30+ years and I have worked with many chiropractors. The thing that sets Brooke apart from other chiropractors is she is a very caring person and loves what she does."

"We are very blessed to have Brooke come to our barn and work on our animals. She is a tremendous asset to our program. I believe she will do the same for anyone needing a chiropractor for their animals."

"My name is Nicole Whitby. Dr. Kelly has worked on my 4 year old quarter horse and 19 year old thoroughbred as well as my three dogs. She is amazing and has helped my horses tremendously. My 19 year old was in so much pain that Dr. Kelly had a hard time even getting near him due to the amount of pain that he was in. We are had a hard time brushing him, saddling him, and even petting him with her continuing care and treatment he has gotten to where he is beginning to enjoy some of theses activities. We also had trouble picking up his right lead to were he would just stop and refuse to go forward. Now we are able to pick up our right or left lead with ease. I highly recommend Dr. Kelly for any of your chiropractic needs weather for animal or human."

"A true success story is what my experience was with Leading Animal Chiropractic and Dr. Brooke Kelly.  My 14 year old chocolate lab, Trixie, was having incontinence problems and walked with a limp.  The veterinarian prescribed medications to help alleviate the problems, but it didn’t work.  Dr. Kelly began seeing Trixie weekly.  After the first visit there was noticeable improvement with her bladder issues and fewer incidents of incontinence.  She was able to walk farther on her walks without limping.   After the third visit, Trixie no longer had accidents in the home and walked without a limp.  It has been six months since Trixie had her first visit with Dr. Kelly.  She’s had no incidents of incontinence or limping.  Her life is full of long walks and playing with her family.  Thank you, Dr. Kelly and Leading Animal Chiropractic, for making Trixie a happy dog and me a happy owner."

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