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Is Your Dog Like Chi-Chi?

Meet Chi-Chi! She is a (almost) 13 year old chihuahua who went out in the backyard one day and suddenly couldn't get up the steps or move her hind legs well. What happened? A lumbar disc was affected which also affects the surrounding nerves to her legs. Chi-Chi then started not being able to use her bowels or bladder very well. Chi-Chi was constipated for about a week. So what are the options for Chi-Chi? Expensive surgery, euthanasia or holistic therapy like chiropractic. Chiropractic is a less expensive, holistic method of treatment that focuses on healing the body from inside out. Chi-Chi's owner chose chiropractic and just after two visits and a lot of stretching exercises in between, Chi-Chi is up and walking and has regained full bowel and bladder control! How awesome is that! Now just because Chi-Chi healed quickly does not mean your furry friend will. It takes time to heal the body, and if the problem has been there for awhile then it will take time to heal. Now if you look carefully at the pictures she has a larger than normal "hump" in her back. That's her body's way of trying to protect itself due to the injury. This will start to decrease with chiropractic care. However, if your dog has this it may already have a back injury you're unaware of or is very likely to get one. Many small dogs are likely to have this curve. This is not normal. Also, make sure to never pick your pets up right from underneath their belly. This will only increase that curve in the back and possibly make the problem worse. Pick them up under their front and bottom at the same time. This way the entire spine has the same amount of pressure at all times. Have any more questions? Feel free to ask Dr. Kelly!

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