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Pain and Inflammation around Patella "Kneecap"

Does your horse get sensitive anytime you put your hand near their knee? Does your horse randomly extend it's leg? Does your horse kick when you're trying to pick up their hoof or when being worked on by the farrier? This could mean your horse's patella is subluxated (improperly moving joint enabling decreased nerve function to and from the brain)! Meet Robin, whom is an avid barrel racer who noticed her horses's hind end was not moving as well as it should, and he wasn't turning barrels as sharply as before. A horses's patella when subluxated can be quite tender to the touch due to inflammation and nerve pain. It typically gets subluxated medially, and when the horse tries to extend it's leg on it's own, it is trying to move the patella laterally in the correct direction. Typically when you place your hand on the patella when subluxated, the horse will show an immediate reaction whether it be pinning of the ears, biting or kicking so please be careful. This is not a behavioral issue, they are simply telling you they are in pain! After Robin's horse was adjusted, she put an all natural cooling substance called Cool Azul made by Young Living on the patella which instantly gave her horse great relief and helped decrease inflammation along with the adjustment! What great results! If you are interested in the Cool Azul product please contact Dr. Kelly via to get more information on this product and essential oils!

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